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What type of hosting do i need?

Welcome to Selectyourhost, we're here to help you find the web hosting service that suits you at the best price. First though, you may be wondering what type of hosting you require. The information below will help point you in the right direction.

Types of Web Space:

Shared Hosting

A shared hosting plan is renting a portion of space on a remote web server (a powerfull computer that stores websites). Shared hosting plans are cheap and great value, their downside being that you share resources with other users so your website performance can be affected by other sites sharing the server. This is the perfect type of hosting to get started or if your site is not resource heavy and does not receive high volumes of users.

Important features to look out for:


Arguably the most important factor when choosing a hosting provider as allthough you may not end up speaking to them all that much you need them to be ready. Your website is your 24/7 storefont and a website that is down or has an issue can cost you money, for this reason you ideally need 24/7 support via livechat at least and preferably phone too. I highly recommend testing out the customer service of any provider you are interested in getting a plan with, just ask them a quick question over live chat or give them a call and try it out of hours to really test the service out (i try 12am onwards).

Location of provider and servers

Location of the servers of your potential host is important as you want your servers ideally to be as close as possible to where you expect most of your visitors to come from. Some hosts allow you to choose from a selection of datacentres, you can find out the locations of datacentres on the hosts website.


Just like how files take up space on a computer your website files will take up space on a server, so you will need enough space to fit your website. Generally you need less space than you think and for page loading speeds it is better to have a smaller site anyway, most website aren't more than 2gb even ecommerce sites with lots of pictures.

Websites Hosted

If you have or plan on having more than one website you will need multi site hosting as most plans are limited to a number of websites.

Email Accounts

Having your own personalised email address @ your domain name is a must have as it looks so much more professional than a gmail, yahoo or hotmail address. Most hosting plans include multiple email accounts, but not all of them do and some only come with one email account and you have to pay extra for each account such as godaddy.


cPanel is the oldest and most widely used control panel for linux hosting plans. cPanel is simple to use and includes many great features that may be missed on other control panels. This factor is by no means essential and any other control panel provided by your host will be based upon cPanel anyway.


Solid state hard drives or SSD's are the latest technology for larger storage in computing and you will find them in most high end laptops and computers, these drives are much faster than the traditonal disk hard drives. Speed should be a factor in your decision for what host as modern day website visitors are generally very impatient and will close your website if it does not load within a few seconds. A lot of providers are adding these to their setups but not all of them have. This is another factor that is not essential, just highly recommended.

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VPS Hosting

Like shared hosting, with VPS hosting you are still sharing the server with other users but the similarities end there. As well as getting an allocated amount of web space you also get dedicated resources which means other users on the same server as you will not affect the performance of your site. As the name states it is a virtual server, you generally get all the facilities you would get on a dedicated server just at a fraction of the cost.

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Dedicated Server Hosting

The best of the best! With Dedicated Server Hosting you get the entire server and all of its resources to yourself and depending on whether you choose a managed or unmanaged server you can do what you like with these including having root access on the server. This kind of hosting would only be recommended for sites bringing in extremely high volumes of users or require the resource that comes with them. These dont come in cheap but you certainly get what you pay for.

Hosted eCommerce Solutions

These are all in one solutions for anyone looking to open their own online store without the hard work. Most companies provide simple drag & drop website builder tools so that you can build your site without learning to code, they also provide for you the hosting space to keep your store on and allow you to get your own domain name (.com,, .net etc). Packages go from a basic store selling a handful of products to packages with unlimited products listing with the ability to sell through a variety of channels, have promotions on your shop and countless other features.

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