Hosting Provider Speed Comparison

The time it will take for your web site to load should be an important factor in your decision of the right hosting provider for you. We have done tests using a tool that analyses how quickly a website loads. The time till first byte (server response speed) is the factor we are comparing here using the providers homepage as that should give you a good idea of what kind of response speeds to expect if you were to host your website with the selected provider.

All providers on selectyourhost are speedy but if you want to shave off every milisecond you can then see the difference below!

Provider Time Till First Byte
Siteground 1.6s
A2Hosting 1.0s
Krystal 1.1s
FastHosts 42ms
WebhostingUK 319ms
TSOHost 341ms
Easyspace 390ms
InMotion 0.7s

The test above was performed by testing the amount of time taken to receive the first byte of data on the said providers homepage eg The test was done by a server in London, United Kingdom so the speeds may vary if visitors are coming from a different country. These results should only be used as guidelines in your search as all hosts listed on will be effiecient in speed. These figures also do not guarantee your website will load fast as there are a lot of other factors that can effect the overall speed of a website, most of which you can optimise on your end. You can perform the same test yourself using GTmetrix.