How to start a blog for beginners

In today’s world blogs are the new book’s, you can now publish your own unique content to the world without the need to have been signed by a publisher or heavy investment in printing and marketing. As well as getting your word out to the world blogs can also be highly profitable through display advertisements and product/service endorsements. Years ago launching a blog was not possible for anyone without extensive tech knowledge or paying an expensive developer, today however it is possible for anyone to start one provided you have some basic computers skills.

The most simple way to get your blog online is to use a service like Wix or Weebly which provide you with a drag and drop builder for designing the site and a very straightforward interface for adding content and managing the blog. Simply signup, fill in a few basic details such as your blog name and personal details then you are away!

What I would highly recommend as an option is opening a blog on WordPress which is an open-source platform that runs through a web host, see our WordPress Hosting Comparison page for WordPress hosting & this article I wrote for instruction on installation. Once you have an active WordPress installation, you can then to get your blog to appear how you desire visibly, buy a WordPress theme from a site like ThemeForest or TemplateMonster These themes are normally pretty customisable, check the descriptions of these themes for details of what you can customise. Look out for themes that come with/are compatible with a plugin called WPBakery. WP Bakery is a drag and drop builder which allows you to easily edit elements on pages within a WordPress theme visually.

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