How to make a website for your business the easy way

When looking for a service or product these days the first place you look is on the Internet so if you haven’t got a website you are missing out on a huge potential database of customers and they are probably going to go to your competitor who does. You might think that your business is not the kind that needs a page as maybe you are just a local business or an individual but you wouldn’t believe the business you are still missing out on, even with when looking for local businesses they will still google them first. Word of mouth is great but it can only get you so far and you wouldn’t want to stop people from finding you if they are looking.

You might already want a website but don’t want to shell out thousands or become an IT expert. Don’t worry this is no longer the case, you can get your webpage online and start advertising your business with very little effort or IT skills and for very little cost or even free of charge!

The easiest way to build and publish your own web page is by using a built for beginners website builder service like Wix or Weebly that allows you to build your page with a drag and drop builder that is no more difficult to use than using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. These kinds of services are designed for simplicity so that anyone can operate them regardless of technical abilities.

When using one of these services you need to get yourself a domain name ie , sometimes this will come with your website builder package but if not you can usually just add it on for a yearly fee on top of your regular subscription.  If your website building package provider does not include the facility to buy one through them you can buy domains from tons of sites. Godaddy generally tends to be the cheapest registrar for domains and they often have promotions sometimes giving away domains for £1.

A lot of web hosting providers include a website builder with their hosting packages, this tends to work out much cheaper than dedicated website builder providers as well as coming with lots of extra great features like email accounts. This way is slightly more complex than using a dedicated website builder but if you’re a little tech savvy then it should be no issue. You can compare web hosting plans here. Domain names also often come free of charge with web hosting services which is another perk.

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